Kumba Iron Ore Graduate Trainee Program (South Africa)

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Posted: Jul 8, 2010

Kumba Iron Ore focuses on the development of young talent in mining. We offer proficient training opportunities to degree and diploma graduates in the following disciplines


  • Mining engineering
  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geology
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

  • Supply Chain
  • SHEQ


  • Surveying
  • Mining technicians

The aim of the Professional in Training programme is:

To give graduates exposure in their field of study and create more skills for the company. To provide graduates with training and development which complies with external professional body requirements (if applicable) thus enabling the PIT to register as a professional and obtain certificate of recognition. To meet the PIT’s training needs and aspirations in order to meet the Company’s objectives. To positively influence the PIT’s commitment and loyalty to the Company

Do you qualify as a PIT?

A PIT is defined as a degree with a four (4) year university degree who has not yet had three (3) years of postgraduate exposure and/or a candidate diploma graduate with a three (3) year National Diploma who has not yet had two (2) years of post-diplomat exposure.


Theoretical Training entails the attendance of formal training courses in management, supervision and technical knowledge and skills.

Practical Training occurs in the work environment under guidance of mentors and supervisors. It comprises of explanation, demonstration, and guidance in the practical application of knowledge, skills and techniques in various fields of activities.

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