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19 May, 2011

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1239: More than 20 000 people went to collect their identity documents in a last-minute rush on election day, with Limpopo having the highest turnout, says Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

She said 20 765 IDs were collected on Wednesday, 3 569 of them in Limpopo and 3 532 in the Eastern Cape. At least 3 000 people had applied for temporary IDs.

Without them, people would not have been able to vote, Dlamini-Zuma said at the Independent Electoral Commission results centre in Pretoria.

On Wednesday, the department waived its requirement that people applying for temporary IDs apply for permanent IDs at the same time, after turning away people who could not afford both documents.

Home Affairs offices stayed open from 7am to 7pm on Wednesday, coinciding with voting hours, to process applications.

“We did not want to be a stumbling block,” said Dlamini-Zuma.

1202: The ANC had 1.8 million votes in Gauteng, South Africa’s economic hub, by midday on Thursday, with the DA on 950 801.

The ANC had 61.99% of the vote, compared to the DA’s 31.82%.

The Congress of the People had 1.13% (33 854 votes).

Total voter turnout stood at 1.3 million, with 5.5 million voters registered.

1156: The Democratic Alliance garnered 59.94% of votes in the Western Cape compared to the ANC’s 30.04%, according to votes counted by noon on Thursday.

The DA received about 1.4 million votes and the ANC 686 587.

The embattled Congress of the People continued to feature on the results board, obtaining 2.37% or 54 186 votes.

Total voter turnout so far stood at 877 862 in the province with some 2.7 million registered voters.

1150: The DA was looking forward to results from major metropolitan areas around the country, its leader, Helen Zille, said at the IEC’s results centre in Pretoria on Thursday.”So far it’s been great,” Zille told reporters. “We are looking forward to the metros.”

She said the tightly-fought Midvaal area, where the DA had won 60.71% of the vote and the ANC 37.17%, showed “an increased maturity” in votes.

2011 Local Government Election results Latest News

Midvaal had been the only municipality held by the DA in Gauteng. The ANC has furiously campaigned to win it from the DA.

The DA was claiming nine of the 14 seats in the council, said DA strategist Ryan Coetzee.

Zille said the election had helped the DA “break through race being the primary issue” of elections in South Africa. She was confident that the party would win 20% of the national vote.

She congratulated the Independent Electoral Commission on a sterling job.

11:42: The ANC was blazing ahead in the Free State’s Moqhaka municipality, where it had built unenclosed toilets, according to election results in by 11.30am on Thursday.

The party had 32 724 votes (61.43%) while the DA – also guilty of constructing open-air loos in Cape Town – followed with 14 404 votes (27.04%). According to results so far, of the 81 617 registered voters in the municipality, 16 356 had turned up to vote.

The Congress of the People followed with 4 042 votes, or 7.59%. The Freedom Front Plus received 1 080 votes or 2.03% of the total votes cast in the municipality.

The unenclosed toilet saga saw much mudslinging between the ANC and the DA in the run-up to the 2011 local government election.

1120: The ANC had 52.14% of the vote in the Durban metro, followed by the DA with 26.30% by 11am on Thursday. The ANC had 82 761 votes and the DA 41 743 votes as the count continued.

The Inkatha Freedom Party followed the DA, with 5.02% or 7 966 votes and the National Freedom Party, an IFP breakaway, 4.06% or 6 440 votes.

In all, 1.7 million people registered to vote in the metro. A total of 158 726 valid votes had been counted so far.

1120: ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe and IFP coordinator Musa Zondi renewed old bonds of friendship at the Independent Electoral Commission results centre on Thursday.

“This guy, he makes me laugh so much, Mantashe said as he and a giggling Zondi shared a joke.

People nearby were taken aback at the jolly duo.

“We are old political friends,” said Zondi as the pair shook hands and wished each other well in the elections.

They were laughing about former Inkatha Freedom Party chairwoman Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi, who now leads the National Freedom Party, an IFP splinter group.

Zondi told Mantashe he had heard a rumour that Msibi planned to destablise the ANC.

Laughing, Mantashe said the ANC had nothing to do with her and that she was “power hungry”.

Showing that there was no animosity between the two parties, Mantashe then went and shook each IFP member’s hand.

1045: The ANC had a tight grip on Tshwane by mid-morning on Thursday, with about 53% of the vote compared to the DA’s 40%.

More than a million people voted in the municipality. By 10am, more than 100 000 votes had been counted.

The DA was hoping for victory in the area, where it claimed to have made significant inroads in traditional ANC strongholds.

The Christian Democratic Party held third place, with 0.60% of the vote.

1043: Election results 10:43 Source IEC

1031: Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman said the province’s rural areas were heading for a “a lot of hung councils” and it was still anybody’s guess who had won the Cape Town metro.

“In the rural areas we won some and we lost some. There will be a lot of hung councils,” he said, listing Oudtshoorn, Swellendam and Worcester among these.

“The metro, we don’t know,” Fransman said.

IEC spokesman Trevor Davids said it hoped to have provisional results for all parts of the province by early evening.

“The metro is still largely outstanding. We are really pushing for the end of this day and hope to have a provisional result for the province,” he said.

10:16: Reuters: Below are latest results of vote counting from Wednesday’s South African local elections, in which the opposition Democratic Alliance appeared to gain some support from voters disenchanted with the government’s failure to provide basic services.

The table shows the percentage held by the parties after the counting of results from 5,93 million voters out of 23,6 million registered voters.


PARTY: Latest count: 2006 result

African National Congress 62,52: 67,71

Democratic Alliance 24,00: 13,92

Congress of the People 2,84: –

Inkatha Freedom Party 3,48: 8,38

National Freedom Party 2,36: –

United Democratic Movement 0,70: 1,42

Freedom Front Plus 0,54: 0,97

African Christian Democratic Party 0,56: 1,24

09:53: The three-month-old breakaway National Freedom Party had secured 17 seats throughout the country by 9am on Thursday.

“We didn’t expect this at all. This party is still at infancy,” said party convenor Evans Sosibo.

“We are very happy because this sets a solid foundation for us in the 2014 election.”

The NFP is a splinter group from the Inkatha Freedom Party, which has obtained 28 seats so far.

The NFP said it was doing best in KwaZulu-Natal, where it had obtained 51% of the vote in the Dumbe municipality and 56 in the IFP stronghold of Nongoma. It had taken the Motereng metro, in North West.

Sosibo said sources on the ground claimed the NFP had secured Cleveland, in Johannesburg, but this still had to be confirmed.

“It’s obvious that our campaigning went well, especially in KZN. We will definitely be celebrating this weekend,” he said.

The United Democratic Movement had secured five seats, four of them in the Eastern Cape.

UDM official Jana Warffemius said it was an improvement from the 2006 municipal elections.

0945: Election results 0912 Source: IEC

0942: The DA was still trailing the ANC in the tightly fought Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality at 9am on Thursday.

The ANC had 50.93% of the vote, while the DA had 41.71%, according to preliminary results from the Independent Electoral Commission.

A total of 268 747 votes had been counted. There are 569 470 registered voters in the area.

0853:The ANC was slightly ahead of the DA in Nelson Mandela Bay on Wednesday morning with 59% of the votes counted, reports the Herald Online. The latest results gave the ANC 47% of the vote, with 44% for the DA and 4% for COPE.

0804: via twitter Gwede Mantashe comes up to the DA’s table and says congratulations on winning Midvaal and Baviaans. #LGEResults

0755: As dawn broke over the SA on Thursday, journalists and politicians closely watched a large screen at the IEC’s results centre in Pretoria displaying updated local government elections results.

Some who spent the entire night at the centre refilled their cups of coffee in an attempt to keep their eyes open.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu said the party had suffered from “high blood pressure” since Wednesday evening, when the numbers were “going up and down”.

“There are some of us who have not slept the entire evening… I had about an hour’s rest,” Mthembu said, having a cup of coffee and biscuits.

He said even though it was still early, and results from major metros had not filtered in, the party was confident of doing well.

0659: With a third of Western Cape votes counted, the DA has increased its support by 25 percentage points compared to the 2006 local government election. SABC News reported the DA won 83 out of the 114 wards declared in the province so far, while the ANC got 31 in Wednesday’s poll.

Turnout in the province, with 36% of the votes counted, was almost 48%.

In the 2006 local government election, the DA won 33.3% of the votes cast in the province.

The numbers could still change significantly, especially with results for the Cape metropole still outstanding.

0510: The ANC took an early lead in the Ekurhuleni Metro, with 58% of votes thus far.

With 43 of 587 voting districts counted, the preliminary results put the DA in second place with 36%, the SABC reported on Thursday. The Freedom Front Plus were marginally ahead of COPE, with 2% and 1% respectively.

0453: The DA is ahead in preliminary results for the City of Cape Town, with 62% of votes to the ANC’s 27%, SABC news reported on Thursday.

COPE was currently in third place with 2% of votes counted. Nineteen of 814 voting districts had been declared, with a 71% voter turnout for the city.

0441: The ANC enjoyed a significant lead in Nelson Mandela Bay as the results of the municipal elections began trickling in on Thursday morning, the SABC reported. With 24 of the 246 voting districts declared, the ANC had a healthy lead with 74%.

The DA had 17% of the votes in the region. COPE and the United Democratic Front were neck-and-neck with 3% each.

0343: The first ward to be declared by the Independent Electoral Commission in the 2011 local government election has changed hands from the DA to the ANC, SABC news reported on Thursday.

A ward at Thembelihle, in the Northern Cape, was won by Annetjie Kywe of the ANC with almost 49% of the vote. In 2006, the DA won 52% of the vote and the ANC won 47%. There are seven seats in the Thembelihle Municipality, and some 8 000 people are registered voters in that local council. This was the first of 4 277 wards in the country to be declared, the SABC reported.

0058: Of the first 500 000 ballots counted by midnight on Wednesday, the ANC had garnered almost 57% of the 2011 local government election votes.

2328: Results in South Africa’s fourth democratic municipal elections starting trickling in on Wednesday evening after a long but mainly smooth voting day.

2136: The government expresses great satisfaction with the collective efforts of departments in ensuring the success registered thus far in rolling out the fourth democratic local government elections under the auspices and leadership of the Independent Electoral Commission.

2011 Local Government Election results Latest News


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