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1 Feb, 2021

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The aim of the e-Learning Developer is to focus on developing online training modules, partnering with subject matter experts, across the business and industry to keep content relevant and updated, managing LMS, and continuing to help develop current training offering. The ideal candidate will be comfortable creating e-Learning modules, creating and editing multimedia elements for the online courses and digital delivery.




Job Title: e-Learning Developer
Location: Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Reference #: BAY005
Contract Type: Permanent
Salary: Market Related

Job Summary:
This position demonstrates an understanding of user interface and design; appropriate methods for delivering content via current e-learning technology; and evidence of pedagogical, andragogical and technological acumen that includes robust instruction and communication practices.

This role will require the post holder to liaise and work closely with stakeholders across all of our sites.

The e-Learning Developer plays a critical part in the drive and implementation of the digital journey of the organisation



 Analyse and enhance the state of e-Learning within the organisation
 Support the building of a sustainable business that offers long-term, progressive employment
 Consider the entire user experience
 Create a gamified e-Learning experience
 Delivering results and meeting customer learning and development expectations
 Develop a framework, roadmap & actionable strategy for driving e-Learning in the organisation
 Drive an organisation culture of learning and development
 Embrace a workforce that reflects the demographics of South Africa in all its diversity.
 Encourage and create an environment for a culture of digital learning
 Give Bayporteers career development opportunities through learning new skills and strengthening those they already have.
 Have quality conversations with our customers to understand their needs and aspirations, and empower them to make financial decisions appropriate to their circumstances.
 Listen carefully and respond responsibly, with care and consistency.
 Oversees Readiness Study, Viability Study and digital learning strategies
 Protect the privacy of our customers and employees.
 Treat Bayporteers with unwavering respect, care, and consistency.

 Act as liaison with LMS vendor and provide regular reports regarding system upgrade or customisation
 Assisting with the development of customization of LMS training
 Conduct/facilitate on site and virtual LMS training
 Creating style guides for developing and future materials.
 Creation of courses and learning materials
 Design, develop and implement story-boards
 Digitally educate and train employees/employers, where required with basic financial information and tools that will enable them to implement good financial habits and disciplines keeping them financially healthy and stable.
 Ensure general quality assurance of developed solutions
 Ensure that user interfaces and user designs meet the target audience requirements and standards.
 LMS administration and reporting management system
 Provide assistance with rollout plan for all regions and departments and respective LMS administrators as directed.
 Provide digital financial wellness training to groups or individuals on site promoting the Bayport brand and financial wellness while offering Bayport’s financial solutions, where required.
 Provide expert assistance with the on-going transition support needed for an enterprise-level Learning
 Provide support for the quality assurance of student records
 Provide technical support to students on use of LMS
 Provide total LMS administrative assistance and expert consultation on total LMS including interacting status.
 Staying up to date with the latest design methods and technologies.
 Student Record and Upgrade Reports
 To enable and support all staff in the training and business curriculum changes needed to utilize new technologies and learning materials.
 To ensure that all administrative requirements and reporting are fulfilled in alignment with the Learning & Development processes and standards.
 Understand how to plan the access, marketing and successful usage measurement of the eLearning
 Understand the stakeholder, buy-in process and the limitations that can be experienced.
 Understand the target audience per department and what do they want on e-Learning
 Working with content developers, instructional designers and development teams to create online learning materials.
 Works with various faculties, SMEs, trainers and other experts in the continued development of the corporate vision of maximizing e-Learning.


 Attain e-Learning content signoff from the relevant subject matter expert.
 Communicates recommended solutions to the business in order to gain buy-in and approval, in conjunction with the L&D Practitioner/ Senior Manager.
 Ensure report is sent to business on completion of new project
 Ensure report is sent to business on completion of on‐going training initiative
 Liaise with Organisational SMEs to develop specific content for e-Learning
 Manage vendor/supplier relationships/projects
 Meet key aspects to deliver objectives to drive Employment Engagement
 Meet with Executives/HODs/Team Manager on a quarterly basis to ensure e-Learning coverage throughout the organisation.


Business Acumen:
Demonstrate the knowledge and skill associated with the functioning of a business. Have an understanding of the various components and processes that make up a business. How these parts interact to make the business work

Change Leadership:
The knowledge and skills required to develop, implement and manage a change management framework and process.

Client Service:
Delivers a positive client service experience.

Computer Literacy:
Demonstrate the required knowledge and skills associated with operating a Personal Computer.

Demonstrate the ability to engage stakeholders with the purpose of providing consultative support. The ability to effectively interact in such a manner that the stakeholders find value in the interaction.

Credit-based Legislation:
Demonstrate a deep knowledge of the relevant credit legislations found within the specific country. Grasp the impact that these legislations have upon the credit process within the organization.

Developing Others:
The ability to plan and implement the targeted development of staff and others within the organization.

Facilitation: (L&D)
The ability to conduct a training session using the various facilitation styles, lecture approach, high involvement facilitation, action learning (to name but a few). The ability to interpret and adhere to the programme structure. The ability to engage with and transfer knowledge to learners in a variety of settings.

Facilitation of Meetings:
Demonstrate the ability to run a productive and impartial meeting or coaching session to any group of persons that are meeting with a common purpose. I.e. experiential learning, active learning and concepts, problem solving etc.

General Administration Skills:
Demonstrates sound general office administration. Identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; manages time effectively.

Industry Specific Knowledge: (i.e. banking, insurance)
Demonstrates the business acumen required to function successfully within the industry, specific to the role filled


Accuracy/Attention to detail:
The ability to calculate and complete any and all work at an acceptable level of accuracy. Be able to consistently pay attention to the detail of the work completed

Demonstrate the ability to change your ideas or behaviour as different conditions arise, new environments, new projects, etc., in order to deal with the new circumstances appropriately

Analytical Reasoning:
Demonstrate the ability to recognise and determine the meaning of patterns in a variety of information. Be able to articulate the effect of these patterns either verbally or in a written format.

Brand Management:
Demonstrate the ability to manage all activities associated with the promotion of the company’s brand.

Coaching & Mentoring:
Demonstrate the ability to provide direct coaching and/or mentoring support to assigned individuals. The outcome is to influence the individual to perform better and improve across all aspects of their life.

Communication Skills:
The ability to converse with others. This can be done via the spoken or written word. The ability to identify and appropriately react to voice modulation, tempo and emotion. Body language also plays a critical role in face-to-face communication

Demonstrate the ability to conceptualize new and innovative ideas that can be put into practice. Also includes the act of creating something new.

Demonstrate an ability to act independently from the rest of the organizations structure. The ability to not be swayed and influenced by others.

Demonstrate the ability to act ethically and with integrity in all and every situation and while engaging with clients, peers and subordinates. Demonstrate the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

Interpersonal Skills:
The ability to interact and socialize on a personal level with those we come into contact with.

Knowledge of People:
A comprehension of people behaviour as it relates to the workplace. This could be linked to staff and colleagues as well as customers.


Demonstrate an ability to act independently from the rest of the organisations structure. The ability to not be swayed and influenced by others.

Demonstrate the ability to act ethically and with integrity in all and every situation and while engaging with clients, peers and subordinates. Demonstrate the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

Providing constructive feedback:
Demonstrate the ability to communicate in a manner which alerts a person to an area of performance which could be improved. One way to achieve the best quality results wanted and needed is to express constructive feedback to workers, staff, learners, leaders and managers.

Problem Identification/Solving:
Demonstrate the ability to identify problems and/or opportunities and responding to them with insight and creativity. Examining the possible solutions and making informed choices based on the best and most relevant information and resources available.

The ability to discuss with the intent of convincing the other party to agree. The ability to change another’s decision.

Demonstrate the associated behaviour, knowledge and understanding of the values and principles that drive the motivation of employees. Demonstrate the ability to monitor levels of motivation at an individual, team and/or business unit level and take actions to raise levels of motivation as and when required.

Requirements Education:


 Design of learning material (Minimum NQF L5)
 Matric and or NQF Level 4 relevant Qualification
 Training Needs Analysis (Minimum NQF L5)


 Bachelor’s degree in multimedia design, graphic design, or instructional design, or a related field in digital learning design and/or development  Interactive Digital Media Development
 UI and UX Design is advantageous.



 Minimum 1 year of demonstrated experience as an e-learning developer
 Minimum 1 year of direct experience using Articulate 360 or newer e-learning software
 1-2 years of experience in Learning & Development, with specific participations in learning and development content design and/or development
 Minimum 1 year of experience using an LMS (preferably Moodle 3.4 or higher) to produce and host digital training


 1-2 years of financial industry experience
 Proficiency and competency in Microsoft office suite
 Project Management (advantageous)
 UI/UX design experience (advantageous)
 A+ and N+ Certifications (advantageous)


 Advanced communication and presentation skills

 Certificate/Diploma Human Resource Management will be advantageous
 Certificate/Diploma ODEDTP will be advantageous
 Fundamental Information Technology experience and qualification


 Facilitation Coordination/ Administration Skills
 Facilitation Skills  Good quality and attendance track record
 Problem Solving Skills

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