Do’s & Dont’s of Writing a Resume

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16 Feb, 2012

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It is important to know that resume plays a vital role in making a person get through an interview successfully. For any individual who is planning to appear for a job interview, it is crucial to know that how he can write a perfect resume. It is not a very difficult task to write the right kind of resume. Any person who applies common sense while writing his/her resume would be able to write a nice resume. Here are a few do’s and don’t’s with regards to writing a resume.

Do’s for writing a resume

Always stay honest while writing a resume. You would not like to get a job based on false information. Apart from this, you may be questioned about dishonest information given by you in your resume. If you are caught then you would face a very embarrassing situation.

Always write about your educational qualification, experience and past achievements in your resume. All this helps in forming a positive impression of a person in the eyes of the interviewer.

Always keep the format of your resume simple and sober.

Dont’s for writing a resume

Do not give too much information about yourself in your resume. Stretching the information may make the interviewer lose interest in reading your resume. It is tedious to read lengthy resumes for interviewers as they keep on going through numerous resumes for whole day.

Do not mention those hobbies in your resume; which are not really your hobbies. Always write about those hobbies which you are passionate about. This is important because most of the people are questioned about their hobbies while they appear for a job interview.

Do not give too less information in your resume. If writing too much in resume is not good then writing too less is also not good. You should give sufficient information about yourself in your resume. Interviewers have to waste their time if a person has mentioned very less about himself in his resume.

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