FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Recruiter /Employer Basics

  • Why should I register?

You need to register your business to be able to effectively access any of the services we provide: job posting, CV search, inclusion of your branded business profile page in our directory and a host of other features.

  • Why should I advertise with Joblistsouthafrica.com?

Joblistsouthafrica.com guarantees you the best recruitment experience, providing you with the best quality candidates guaranteed with lowest pricing. See our stats here

  • How do I advertise on Joblistsouthafrica.com?

If you want to post a job or advertise with joblistsouthafrica.com, Click here to see details 

  • I have forgotten my password

Please click on the link http://joblistsouthafrica.com/password-recovery, enter your username or email address. A new password will be emailed to you where you will be able to retrieve it. Remember when you try and login again with your new password to type in the new password and not ”copy” and ”paste” it in to the Login box.’


Job Seeker Basics

  • Why should I register with Joblistsouthafrica.com?

If you are a Job Seeker looking for a new employment opportunity or a Recruiter looking to fill an available job vacancy, joblistsouthafrica.com will make your task both simple and effective in achieving your recruitment goals.

  • How do I register with joblistsouthafrica.com?

After landing on the home page, select the login/ register link at the top right corner where you will be required to complete the registration form. In order to register you will be required to complete security settings, brief personal information as well as upload your CV. You can as well click on this link: http://joblistsouthafrica.com/login

  • How much will it cost to register ?

Nothing. Job Seekers have free access to the Joblistsouthafrica.com website. There are no registration fees nor are there cost involved when uploading your CV, applying to job adverts or being successfully placed through the joblistsouthafrica.com recruitment platform.

  •  How long does it take for my new account to be activated?

Your account will be fully operational immediately after you finish filling out the short on-online form.

  •  Can I change my password?

Yes. To change your password, please log on to your dashboard and click on the “edit profile” option in the menu.

  • Can I change my username?

No, that’s not possible. If you want a new username you will need to delete your account and open a new one with the new username.

  • I’d like to change some of the information shown in my profile page, where do I go?

To change your business details, please logon to the dashboard and click on the “edit profile” option in the menu under account options.

  •  Who has access to my CV and other personal details?

Due to confidentiality restriction, only registered labour brokers, companies or legitimate recruitment agencies will have search access to your CV and profile. By applying to advertised job adverts, job seekers are responsible for sending their CV’s to relevant job vacancies. Once registered, Job Seekers are able to mark their CV as Searchable by all recruiters – Recruitment agencies and employers or hidden. CV’s marked as searchable may be accessed by registered recruiters. CV’s marked as Hidden are blocked from being searched. Allowing recruiters to search your CV gives you a double advantage in finding job faster since you are not only limited to the jobs you apply for.

  •  What do I do if I want to update my CV document?

If you have updated the content of your CV and would like to replace your online CV registered on the Joblistsouthafrica.com CV database with the one that you have updated, log into your dashboard, click on resume to see your saved CV; you can then edit it.

  • What is the difference between my Profile and my CV?

Your Profile is a high level explanation of who you are as a Job Seeker in terms of your desired industry and job function, general experience and personality. Your CV is a detailed documentation of your working experience, your high level skills and qualifications specifically tailored to a unique job application

  •  How do I edit my Profile?

After logging in, you are able to edit and update your profile and CV as required. On the right sidebar, click on ‘edit profile’, make the relevant changes and Save

  •  What are Job Alerts?

Job Alerts are created in order to notify you of jobs added to the website that match your job preferences. You subscribe for free with your email address and jobs are delivered to your inbox

  •  What are Job Recommendations?

The Job Recommendations automatically matches your Job Seeker Profile and CV to potentially suitable job ads matching your desired job preferences. This is why it is important to keep your Profile and CV up to date and accurate at all times. You never know when you might get matched.

  • How do I search for Jobs?

When searching for a job, you have seven different and simplified search options to select from, depending on your needs. You can either search by location, category, date posted, job type, job tags, search by recruiter and browse Jobs.

  • What does it mean when I upload my CV and the system asks to select category?

By filling in your desired category when registering your CV it gives an indication as to what industry you are interested in. It offers Recruiters and Employers the opportunity to find your CV when running searches through the database maximising your chances of being found by Recruiters and Employers.

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