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3 Feb, 2014

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Bursaries in South Africa, Graduate Jobs in South Africa, Internships in South Africa, Learnerships in South Africa

Every week, Joblist South Africa publishes quite a number of graduate programmes, Internships, Learnerships and Bursaries in South Africa. These provide a highly valuable starting/entry point for job seekers especially if you have not got enough experience in the field you are looking to apply for jobs in.


Graduate Programme

Graduate jobs are positions that are usually made available by various companies to recruit fresh graduates and talents from higher institutions who have little or no experience. It is sometimes referred to as entry jobs because it is just about the most basic level that a graduate can start from however, it provides an ample opportunity to integrate into the company and climb up the career ladder.



Internship Positions: These vacancies enable job seekers to have a hands-on approach on what happens in the real world. Internships provide real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.They are offered the opportunity to put to practice what they learnt in higher institutions under the guidance of a supervisor however, interns can also be high school or college students or even adults interested in trying out a new career. Many college students do internships to gain relevant experience in a particular career field as well as to get exposure to determine if they have a genuine interest in the field. It is usually a temporary position however, those who prove themselves within the company are usually hired as they already understand how the company/organisation operates. Usually this also counts as part of work experience and can offer one an opportunity to meet relevant people in an industry.



Learnership is a contract between a learner, employer and a training provider for a specified period leading to acquisition of National Qualifications and/or credits towards National Qualifications. In essence, learnerships involves an occupational qualification that consists of theory & work-based experience, with formal assessment and a qualification. A learnership is a structured learning process for gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the workplace leading to a qualification registered on the NQF. It is outcomes-based and not time-based and allows for recognition of prior learning. Learnership duration varies but the average is about 18 months.

If a candidate is unemployed when started s18(2) SDA, then contract ends once completed, but may lead to being offered employment, if good performance, and results, and reliability during programme.

Setas may offer grants to employers from discretionary grant funds.  The 18(2) learners receive a stipend (allowance/payment) determined by the Learnership Sectoral Determination – paid from the Seta funds. Employers also receive tax incentives.

Note: In practice, to attain an artisan equivalent qualification (NQF level 4) four separate learnerships will have to be completed (i.e. qualifications at NQF levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 will have to be attained).



Bursary needs no introduction; it is a form of grant (usually financial) which is offered to an individual (usually students) in a stipulated career field to enable them take care of cost of education and learning. There is usually a set of criteria to be met before a bursary is granted and in some cases, those who are granted bursaries are also offered employment on graduation. Bursary is a type of financial award provided to certain students to assist with the costs associated with attending a college or university. A bursary award, or simply bursary, is a monetary award provided to students based on financial need and/or academic performance. Click here to apply for bursaries in South Africa.


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