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28 Feb, 2020

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I Care, a Durban, South Africa, based NGO was formed in 2002 by the founder, the late Graham Cochrane. He saw the plight of street children and how quickly new ones were marginalised after coming to the streets.  It has been established, by internal statistics, that children (ages 8 – 17) end up on the Durban streets due to family conflict, poverty and abuse and that young people (ages 18 – 24) come to the streets seeking employment.

The Human Science Research Council (HSRC) completed a survey in 2016 and determined that over 4000 homeless people live on the streets of Durban but children under 18 were not accurately counted. Street children tend to be rather nomadic, is the main reason for the discrepancy. They soon become homeless and turn to drugs to cope with street life. We work with approximately 55 to 70 boys each month through our Drop-in Centre in central Durban as well as outreach projects in the surrounding areas.


Job Title: Terms of Reference LHC
Location: South Africa

With a staff compliment of 24; I Care offers a hope of a future. Our programme is a unique holistic cycle beginning with Outreach on the streets, a Drop-in Centre supporting the boy’s basic needs and a 12-week live-in rehabilitation. The process ends in the following ways; possible reunification with their families, return to education and placement into safe living. For the older boys, practical skills training or college education is the gateway to independent.

The successful rehabilitation of youth substance abusers is difficult and the Social Development Department is reluctant to persist with this. I Care have an in-house program with a 70% success rate and have a follow-up program to monitor those who have been reunified with their families or housed in secure housing. The programmes used within each of these projects are documented and profiles of each beneficiary are created.

We are partially Government funded (30% of expenses) and the remainder of funding is sourced via CSI initiatives, trusts, corporate and individual funds.
We work closely with complimentary NGO’s who provide support and shared resources.  Local Government is supportive of our projects and rely on our services within the City and surrounding areas.  We currently have the tender (Street Children services) in the City of Durban and have been awarded this for the second time for a period of 3 years each time.

Rationale for this programme

As an Organisation, we have grown in numbers and size in the last few years, we need to ensure what we are doing is working, both for the beneficiaries and the stakeholders. It would be invaluable to have an external opinion on the matter.

We are seeking to engage an independent research consultant, consortium of consultants or a research organisation to conduct the evaluation study in order:

  • To improve the current Monitoring and Evaluation programs and reporting methods
  • To make judgements about the ultimate value/benefits of the program to participants and stakeholders.
  • To sustain and/or expand the programs.
  • To document and publicize the program’s achievements

Our learning ambitions will be refined with the evaluators and staff in due course and will be informed by the Theory of Change. However, at this stage, we have identified a few potential areas of focus

Our learning ambitions are:

  • Understanding the extent to which we change public perceptions about street children and youth with our strategies and how this happens.

Suggested Approach and Deliverables:

  • To create a Monitoring and Evaluation strategy that is ‘user adapted’ for staff at all levels
  • To develop a Theory of Change
  • Familiarise with the organisation, I Care,  and learn how it fits into the scope of ‘whats out there’
  • Refine the monitoring framework and existing monitoring tools – putting additional measures in place , as needed
  • Training and or supporting I Care staff to use the monitoring tools/methods
  • Add to the platform of the Theory of Change from ideas and perceptions from the staff and through development and testing of a Theory of Change
  • Refine the Theory of Change and include a written evaluation report
  • Reflect on learning with I Care staff and the Board to develop actions
  • Management team training on an advanced level of monitoring and report analysis
  • Support dissemination of the evaluation to key stakeholders.

Budget and Timing

We have funding for this 3 year evaluation process. The start date is 01 April 2020 and ending 31 March 2023. This should include all fees, expenses, and taxes applicable to South Africa.

Tender responses:

Responses should cover the following in up to four sides of A4

1. Background and relevant experience of the individual/organisation that would be leading the work.

  • Additional to this would be the CV’s for all individuals that would be involved in delivering this work
  • Examples of similar pieces of work, which are relevant to this work – also additional to the 4 pages.

2. A summary of your proposed approach to this evaluation project

3. An estimated delivery timeline

4. A clear indication of who will lead the project for communication and collaboration purposes.

5. A budget/quote for the project

6. Details of two referees

  • Indicate your relationship with them
  • Name, job title, organisation, email and telephone number

The tender response should be submitted by email:

To: anne@icare.co.za,

Application Deadline: 4.00pm on 03/03/2020

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