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5 Feb, 2012

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Jobs in Benoni  – Benoni Jobs

Benoni is a city in South Africa; it is located in the Guateng province, on the east rand.
In 1887 gold was discovered in Benoni which led to the growth of the city. Today Benoni is still a gold town although gold mining has decreased in importance; however there are still some people in the gold mining sector and many jobs are available for mine workers, meteorologists, geologists and surveyors in the mining sector.

Benoni is becoming less of a gold town and is now more industry and services driven, one of the major services available in Benoni is tourism, visitors to Benoni can visit the many lakes in the town, the Museum, the Lakeside Shopping Mall, north mead Square, Willowmoore park, the Community Theatre, and Bunny Park, the tourism sector provides jobs for house owners, trainers, and tour guides who give tourist a tour of the city on horse back this is a facility which Benoni is famous for. Other jobs in the tourism sector would be for waiters, chefs, arts and craftsman, bar tenders.

In 1907 the Benoni Race Track was opened, this provides many jobs for horse trainers, horse riders, horse keepers, horse race commentators, sports betters, etc. horse r5acing is big business and attracts many spectators. Agriculture is an important sector in Benoni and there are many important cash crops grown in the city for example sorghum, maize, sunflower, and wheat, agriculture provides many job opportunities such as agronomists, cattle herders, farm workers, irrigation inspectors, farm inspectors, cattle ranchers, veterinary, farm produce dealer, and truck drivers that ferry the farm produce to the various food markets around the country.

Models, actors, actresses, directors, cameramen, scriptwriters, costume designers, editors, producers, special effects people and everyone in the film industry can find a job in Benoni`s growing status a beautiful film setting, Benoni has already been the setting for big movies such as MTV movies like Crazy Monkey: Straight Outta Benoni, released in 2005, and the M-Net TV series the coconuts. Musicians, chirographers, singers, song writers can get a job in the music industry of Benoni which is gaining recognition around the world for example Benoni held the WOMAD international cultural festival.

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