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10 Feb, 2012

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Jobs in Carletonville SA

Carletonville is a town in South Africa it is located in the western Guateng province, which happens to be South Africa’s wealthiest province. Carletonville is gold mining town and is one the leading gold producers in the whole world, it also has one of the worlds deepest mines the western Deep Levels which is 3.748m deep. Carletonville is an area developed by many mining companies that provide the bulk of the employment chances in this community, for example the Consolidated Goldfields.

Carletonville Jobs SA

Carletonville has many job opportunities in the mining sector for example mine workers, supervisors, geologists, surveyors, mine inspectors, minerals traders, can find jobs in the mines in and around the town. Mining brings with it the need for other services to support the mining sector for example the miners will need accommodation, food , health care, their children will need education, this demand has led to an increase in the services sector and you can find jobs as teachers, retailers, shop owners, drivers, doctors, etc.

You can join the police force in Carletonville. In 2007 3200 mine worker in the Elandsrand mine were trapped in the gold mine when it caved in this incident alone shows that there are many job opportunities for mine rescue squads, and for people in the fire brigade, there is also need for doctors, and nurses to attend to mining injury patients, and to deal with such accidents, there are also job opportunities for mine inspectors, and work safety inspectors who will be carrying out regular checks on the mine shafts and the working conditions of the mine workers to see if they are in check with health standards.

Mining is a heavy industry that requires heavy machinery and to transport both the machinery needed for the mining activities and the mining products to the market Haulage truck driver can find jobs in this sector ferrying the mining equipment and produce to and from the source and the market. Civil engineers, will be needed to work on the big mining projects, so will mechanical engineers. There are many retail shops in Carletonville were you can get jobs as sales men, shop assistants/attendants, and general dealers.

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