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10 Feb, 2012

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Johannesburg is the capital of the Guateng province in South Africa; it is also the largest city in South Africa. Guateng province is the wealthiest province in south Africa and has a vibrant economy, which makes it the largest metropolitan economy of any sub Saharan region, the city of Johannesburg is so big it is one of the 40 largest metropolitan cities in the world, and it is one of Africa’s two global cities.

Johannesburg has limitless job opportunities, because the city is a big source of large gold and diamonds, which are found in the Witwatersrand hills, which are rich with minerals, Johannesburg, has many job opportunities for miners, geologists, surveyors, meteorologists, mineral traders etc in the gold and diamond mines of the province.

Johannesburg is the financial and economic center of south Africa, the city provides up to 16% of the countries GDP and about 40% of the provinces economic activity emanates from Johannesburg, the huge amount of economic activity in Johannesburg provides jobs for people in the financial sector such as bankers, financial managers/consultants, accountants, insurance brokers, stock brokers, bankers, investment consultants etc. Johannesburg has a very big manufacturing industry that includes cement and steel industries, which provide jobs for steel workers, and chemical and mechanical engineers.

Johannesburg’s services sector is quite big considering the size of the city and it employs the bulk of the working population in Johannesburg the services industry includes banking, real estate, broadcast and print media, IT, public and private health care leisure, retail and transport, all these put together provide jobs for bank tellers, shop managers, computer programmers, nurses, doctors, newsmen, taxi drivers, photographers, real estate agents. The Johannesburg stock exchange which is Africa’s largest stock exchange provides job opportunities for investment analysts, stockbrokers and investors.

The best place to get the best job opportunities is in the informal sector which is very big and is one of the largest in the world. In Johannesburg you find a job as a street trader or vendor. Civil engineers can get a job at the highlands water project that seeks to divert water to supply the ever increasing city.

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