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1 Feb, 2012

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Job Vacancies in Newcastle Hunter

Newcastle is a city located in the Hunter region.Mining, farming, tourism, trade and continuous growth are the various industries creating employment offered by the Hunter region.

The employment opportunities offered by the region are infinite such that more residential areas are under construction to accommodate new residents. This alone creates employment ranging from civil engineers, architects, construction workers, builders, electrical engineers and designers for the furnishings.

Mining represents one of the significant activities in the region. It has also introduced the region to trade. The coal mined is an export product. In the actual mining sector, jobs range from miners, underground geologists, and environmental coordinators. Those involved in the mining industry indirectly are accountants, marketing agents, finance directors, administrators, secretaries and receptionists. Newcastle provides a port for the export. Opportunities in this sector include traders, sales representatives and marketing agents.

Food industry is a dominating industry ranging from wine- growing to farming. Wineries and vineyards contribute to employment opportunities offered by the region. Plant scientists are required in monitoring and controlling pests and diseases, determining harvest and pruning times and maintaining growth and quality of the grapes. Harvest time creates job opportunities for grape harvesters.
In wine processing, wine makers and food scientists are jobs available in the wineries.
Dairy farming and beef cattle farming another activity practiced in the region involves veterans and animal scientists who maintain the health of the cattle so as to produce quality milk for consumption and processing.

In the processing plant, food scientists are required to ensure the quality of the milk before processing and apply measures to retain and maintain quality after being processed. General workers that keep the place clean, to avoid contamination and technicians in the processing part. It being a food plant cleanliness is practiced at all levels of production. Supervisors are employed to oversee and inspect the technicians at the various stages of production for their personal cleanliness and the general cleanliness of the machinery and utensils before and during use. Accountants, business administrators, financial directors, marketing and human resource personnel also help in the running of the plant.

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