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5 Feb, 2012

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Jobs in Pretoria - Pretoria Jobs, Vacancies South Africa

Pretoria is a city in south Africa it is located in north of the Gauteng province, it is a major city in south Africa and is ranked high with Johannesburg and cape town, Pretoria serves as the administrative capital of south Africa.

Pretoria has many job opportunities, with the bulk of them coming from agriculture; people can find jobs as farm workers, foreman, agronomists, cattle, herders, cattle ranchers, farmer managers, supervisors, drivers, etc on the many farms. Pretoria is located in the middle of the bushveld and the highveld, in a warm area, and in a fertile valley which makes it possible for agriculture to flourish.

People in the media industry can find jobs in the radio and broadcasting sector of Pretoria, there are 36 (FM/AM/SW) radio stations in Pretoria, there are many about 15 national television broadcasters and this provides many jobs for DJs, TV presenters, photographers, cameramen.

The tourism sector in Pretoria is very big and provides many jobs for tour guides, tour bus drivers, who ferry tourists around the cities tourist sites such as the Pretoria forts, Freedom Park, African window, Kruger House, Voortrekker Monument, Transvaal Museum, and Melrose house. There are also nature reserves such as the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, the National Botanical Gardens, and the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.

Pretoria has a very vibrant economy that, houses South Africa’s important industries, such as iron and steel casting industries which provide jobs for meteorologists, steel factory workers. Pretoria also has a vibrant automobile, machinery, and railway manufacturing industry which employs many people fit and turners, mechanics, boiler makers, etc.

The services sector is a major sector in Pretoria and employs the bulk of the working population in the city, most people in the services sector are employed in the education sector as teachers and lecturers, Pretoria is a leading academic city in south Africa, for example there is the University of Pretoria, the university of south Africa, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. The services sector also employs most drivers, train operators, and train drivers, into the transport sector which is a major part of the city.

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