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27 Mar, 2010

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General Jobs in South Africa

Description: International business is as broad as the imagination, and entrepreneurial opportunities are expanding daily. Our U.S.-based clients know this, and they are well aware that to take full advantage of these expanding markets, they need qualified people who are “at home” working in the world.

Because the international marketplace is so diverse, specific positions are constantly changing. What we can tell you is the types of positions most often available and where those positions are most likely located.

Frequently Available Positions:
* International business manager
* Trade or finance professional
* Sales or business development director
* Project/Program manager
* Import/Export or shipping manager<
* Engineer or Scientist
* Avionics professional
* Petroleum or pharmaceutical scientist
* Communications/IT technician/manager

Areas of Opportunity:
* Asia
* Africa
* Central Europe

Qualifications: To work as an entrepreneur with a great deal of independence in a foreign country takes a special kind of individual. Before you apply, it is advisable to study the qualifications our clients are expecting. Be objective about yourself and see if your background and qualifications match these:

* Your command of languages is sufficient for you to conduct business in one or more countries located ether in Africa, Central Europe, East Asia or elsewhere in Asia.
* You already posses work experience in an area of interest.
* You have some experience in living and/or working abroad.
* Your abilities in negotiating and personnel management will enable you to confidently develop new business opportunities overseas.
* You are comfortable with the prospect of doing business with foreign nationals in a foreign environment, with limited direct supervision.
* You want to work for American companies, with U.S. compensation and benefits.

Salary / Pay: Compensation and benefits packages designed to U.S. standards.

Experience Required: yes

* You already posses work experience in an area of interest. * You have some experience in living and/or working abroad.

This Program is open to Worldwide Participants.

Participants Travel to South Africa Independently

Typically Participants Work Independently

Application Process Involves:

  • Online Application plus Application Assessment

Petersen Global Associates’s Mission Statement: Petersen Global Associates performs a necessary function for our clients who want to locate and hire qualified men and women to work as international business entrepreneurs. That means we also perform an essential service for entrepreneurs like you who are seeking positions of the kind offered by our clients.

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