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7 Aug, 2017

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The South African Police Service hereby invites unemployed youth who conform to the requirements for a twelve-month internship programme at Division: Forensic Services. The internship programme is part of the National Human Resource Development Strategy and the National Skills Development Strategy.

Generic requirements:

  • Must be between ages 18 – 35
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Must be in possession of Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent qualification
  • Must have no criminal record
  • Applicants must be unemployed and never participated in an internship programme previously
  • Applicants must be residents of the province where the post is advertised
  • Applicants are restricted to apply for 3 positions only

Intern categories:

Graduate Intern: Tertiary Qualification is required

Matric Intern: Senior Certificate (Grade 12) no tertiary qualification is required.

Section: Victim Identification Centre: Number of Posts: (3)

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)
  • NQF 6 Natural Science with Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology
  • Assisting with the capturing of Antemortem and Post Mortem Data on Missing Persons and Unidentified remains on the PlassData System

FS / INT / 1 / 2017 x2  Gauteng

FS / INT / 2 / 2017 1 Western Cape

Section: Case Management: Kwa-Zulu Natal: Number of posts (4):

  • Senior Certificate (Grade12)
  • Accept cases by hand  /  per post from the Client  /  Dealing of cases to analysts

FS / INT / 3 / 2017 x1 Ballistics

FS / INT / 4 / 2017 x1 Biology

FS / INT / 5 / 2017 x1 Chemistry

FS / INT / 6 / 2017 x1 Scientific Analysis Unit

Section: Nodal Support: Gauteng and Eastern Cape: Number of posts (2):

FS / INT / 7 / 2017 x1

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12),
  • M. Dip Logistics

Movable government property (MGP) (MGP) refers to items such as IT equipment, furniture, arms, ammunition, bulletproof vests that must be accounted for by the respective users allocated to them.


FS / INT / 8 / 2017 x1

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12) with valid driver’s license

Manage the vehicle fleet of the EC FSL, by issuing vehicles to members, weekly inspections, ensuring that the vehicles are serviced, monthly returns of vehicles. General cleanliness and serviceability off vehicles.

Eastern Cape

Section: Case Management: Western Cape: Number of posts (14):

FS / INT / 9 / 2017 x4

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Receiving and assigning RI cases. Prepare case file content for off-site storage by filing in boxes, sealing, completing forms and placing barcode stickers on boxes. Assist with preparing docket content for lead verification.


FS / INT / 10 / 2017 x4Ensure a registration, archiving and dispatch service. Ensure an accurate inventory of case file archive and dispatch content and traceability of case files and exhibits.

Case Management

FS / INT / 11 / 2017 2

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Ensure a registration, archiving and dispatch service. Uphold the integrity and chain of custody of Ballistic, IBIS and Mechanical Engineering exhibits. Ensure that client relations are efficient.


FS / INT / 12 / 2017 x2

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Ensure a registration, and archiving service. Process Case administration and administration of post Analysis reports.


FS / INT / 13 / 2917 x1

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Process cases on the FSL administrative system. Collecting Cases and exhibits from Case Registration on a daily basis. Handle casework related enquiries

Scientific Analysis Unit

FS / INT / 14 / 2017 x1

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Registration of Section case files on the FSL Admin system, allocation there-off, PCEM handover of case files. Update spreadsheets for Post Mortem and Ante Mortem Sections

Victim Identification Centre

Section: Nodal Support: Western Cape: Nodal Support: Number of posts (1):

FS / INT / 15 / 2017 x1

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Filing of claims. Scanning of all advances and claims for the new introduced L functions on Polfin. Flight and accommodation assistance by obtaining quotations.


Section: Submission: Western Cape: Number of posts (10):

FS / INT / 16 / 2017 10 NQF x6

  • Biochemistry, Genetics Microbiology (Molecular Biology)

Receiving and submission of samples  /  buccal swabs to the RI Lane per day according to the QMS and SOP’s.

Section: Case Management: Eastern Cape: Number of posts (2):

FS / INT / 17 / 2017 x2

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Receive cases via PCEM from case reception  /  analysts. Dealing of cases to analysts. Allocate and assign cases to analysts. Attend to telephonic  / emails and walk in enquiries. Scanning of reports. Courier cases to WC / PTA


Section: Case Management: Eastern Cape: Number of posts (1):

FS / INT / 18 / 2017 x1

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12), Microsoft office

Collect and process exhibits and case files receive from case reception / receive and despatch exhibits and reports / despatch exhibits and reports to relevant person  / typing and finalization of 212 reports


Section: Crime Scene Laboratory: Number of posts (5):

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)
  • NQF 6 Natural Science

Chemical processing of exhibits in accordance to the set standards, whilst maintaining evidence integrity and chain of custody Capturing of data pertaining to analysis on CIMS (Case Information Management System) Digital scanning or capturing and enhancement and archiving of developed images, whilst maintaining evidence integrity and chain of custody Disposal of exhibits within prescripts and archiving of case files Control over consumable stock Maintaining equipment according to prescripts

FS / INT / 19 / 2017 x1 National

FS / INT / 20 / 2017 x1 (GP)Johannesburg Central

FS / INT / 21 / 2017 x1 (KZN) Pietermaritzburg

FS / INT / 22 / 2017 x1 (LIMP) Lebowakgomo

FS / INT / 23 / 2017 x1 (EC) Grahamstown

Section: Supply Chain Management Finance and Administration: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management: Number of posts (5):

  • Senior Certificate (Grade12) & Computer Literacy

Co-ordinate and administrate the financial function within the Component CR & CSM

Maintain and Monitor Component debt, financial losses and financial inspections within the Division Forensic Services Forensic Services. Perform the asset management administration within the Component Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management. Provide the administrative support to provision administration officers within the Component Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management. Maintain the Fleet Management function within the Component Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management. Maintain the Supply Chain Demand function within the Component Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management.

FS / INT / 24 / 2017 x2 Support Services (NW)

FS / INT / 25 / 2017 x2 Support Services(EC)

FS / INT / 26 / 2017 x1 Support Services (National)

Section: Source Documents: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management: Number of posts (12):

  • Senior Certificate (Grade12) & Computer Literacy

Processing and issuing of Police Clearance Certificates (duplicate certificates included). Manage enquiries pertaining to applications for Police Clearance Certificates. File and withdrawal of completed applications for Police Clearance Certificates. Ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures. Ensure adherence to Occupational Health & Safety act. Ensure adherence is given to legislation relevant to the of Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management environment. Draw file copies, documents and folders, sort them and order documents in sequence. The preparation of documents in a CRC criminal file for the computerization of adjudication information. The verification of prepared source documents and CR folders. Computerized exchange (receiving and sending) of CR folders to and from section by means of file control on the CRIM system and update the relevant computer system I.T.O file control.

FS / INT / 27 / 2017 x6  Criminalistic Bureau National

FS / INT / 28 / 2017 x5 Centralised

CRC FS / INT / 29 / 2017 x1 Decentralised LCRC National

Section: Case Information Management: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management: Number of posts (10):

  • Senior Certificate ( Grade12)

Receive, register and distribute cases to crime scene investigators Register exhibits collected from crime scenes Register and update fingerprint identification dockets Update information and case results on the system Upload 212 statements on FLM

FS / INT / 30 / 2017 x1 (MP) Nelspruit

FS / INT / 31 / 2017 x1 (LIMP) Thohoyandou

FS / INT / 32 / 2017 x1 (NW) Rustenburg

FS / INT / 33 / 2017 x1 (NC) Upington

FS / INT / 34 / 2017 x1 (FS) Parkweg

FS / INT / 35 / 2017 x1 (EC) Mount Road

FS / INT / 36 / 2017 x1 (KZN) Port Shepstone

FS / INT / 37 / 2017 x1 (GP) Spring

FS / INT / 38 / 2017 x1 (WC) Mitchell’s Plain

FS / INT / 39 / 2017 x1 (GP) Pretoria North

Section: Facial Identification: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management: Number of posts (3):

  • Senior Certificate (Grade12)
  • NQF 6 Natural Science

Interview a complainant or witness and compile a face with computer software from a verbal description of the witness or complainant. Provide a Physical description and Modus Operandi of this wanted person or suspect. Sketching a face of an unidentified person or jewelry or other items to aid in the tracing or identification. Alter or age a face on the computer using Graphic software. Facial  /  Image Comparison. Download and archiving of CCTV footage

FS / INT / 40 / 2017 x1 Pretoria Central

FS / INT / 41 / 2017 x1 Umtata EC

FS / INT / 42 / 2017 x1 Kimberley NC

Section: Decentralised CR & CSM: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management: Researcher Number of posts (1)

  • Senior Certificate (Grade12)
  • NQF 6 Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences

Assist external role players with research projects Develop, implement and maintain internal research projects Maintain the archive of finalised enquiry files for research purposes. Administer the functions of the unit

FS / INT / 43 / 2017 x1



  • Only the attached application form will be accepted. All instructions on the application form must be adhered to; failure to do so may result in the rejection of the application
  • The post particulars and reference number of the post must be correctly specified on the application form
  • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae must be submitted together with the application form
  • Certified copies of an applicant’s Identity Document, Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and relevant educational qualifications obtained.
  • Application must be mailed timeously. Late applications will not be accepted or considered.
  • If a candidate is shortlisted it can be expected for him / her to undergo a personal interview as well as a practical assessment.
  • All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to fingerprint screening.
  • A stipend will be paid according to proof of relevant qualification.

Enquiries can be directed to:

Colonel Simon (012) 421 0428;

Lt Col Vetbooi Tel (012) 421 0425;

W / O Mbonani or PPO Ndlovu Tel (012) 421 0157.

Closing Date: 18 August 2017
Location: Countrywide

How To Apply

Download Application Form

Applications can be posted or hand delivered to:


011 497 7739 | 076 834 2577

[email protected]

2nd and 3rd floor Main Building, 1 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg Central Police Station (S26 12’12.16  /  E028 01’52.75)


0763004339 MP LCRC L Fouche  /  [email protected]

The Oaks-Centrum, 1st floor, c / o Lillian Ngoyi & SADC street, Middelburg (S25°53’20.3″  /  E29°13’51.7′)


0714934690 EC CR & CSM: Col Mpalo

No 05 Cowen Close, Cashbuild

Building, Schornville, King W’Town (S32°53.700  /  EO27°24.029′)


0763004026 | 021-4676001

WC: Prov.CR &CSM Decentralized Commander

Thomas Boydell Building, 3rd floor, Parade street, Cape Town (S33°55.38  /  E18°25.21)


053 836 7801 074 857 2869

[email protected]

69 – 73 Du Toit Span road, Ground & 1st floor, Kimberley (O24°45.954  /  S28°44.433)


018-299 7053 | 072 337 6854

Northwest: CR & CSM Decentralized

Louis Le Grange Building, 3rd floor, Court Building, c / o Peter Mokaba & Wolmarans Street, (S26°42’55.4  /  E027°05’35.3)



FS:Provincial Decentralized Commander

SAPS Building, C / o Aliwal & Fontein street, Bloemfontein (26.214528  /  – 2912416)


0824687933 | 0835989595

Servamus Building, 2nd floor, Bram Fischer Road 15, Durban

[email protected]  /  [email protected]

(S29°51’05.01 /  E31°01’57.83)


082 560 5147 | 015 298 4194

LIM:Prov-CR & CSM Decentralized Commander

Albatros Building 8, 19 Mark street, Polokwane (S23°55.019  /  E029°27.197)



(041) 4076841

Eben Donges building

Hancock street North End Port Elizabeth


(021) 9290702 Nr 47 Silwerboom Road  Plattekloof 7500 Private Bag X9 Panorama Parrow 7506


(012) 8455826

620 Pretoria Road Silverton Pretoria 0001

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