Unilever Graduate Programme 2014 (Massive Recruitment)

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24 Jun, 2013

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Unilever Graduate Programme

Unilever’s corporate mission – to add vitality to life – shows how clearly the business understands 21st century-consumers and their lives. But the spirit of this mission forms a thread that runs throughout our history.

Unilever started operations within South Africa (SA) in 1891 when the company registered the Sunlight trademark. The green bar was still being imported from England at the time due to high costs of imported raw materials like vegetable oil.
Unilever came to South Africa in 1887 when William Lever, the founder of Lever Brothers, registered the Sunlight trademark. His first visit to South Africa in 1895 was to an under-developed country crippled by drought with poor communications and few skills. However, he believed products would ultimately be manufactured locally.
Initially, this was not viable as tariffs on imported vegetable oils were considerably higher than those on imported soaps. As a result, consignments of Sunlight, the first wrapped and branded soap, were shipped to South Africa.

Unilever South Africa (Pty Ltd), a subsidiary of Unilever PLC, is one of the largest FMCG companies in the South Africa. The Companyis over 100 years old, with brands that are household names throughout the country. Unilever South Africa has over 3000 employees based across two offices and five manufacturing locations in South Africa.

Unilever’s strength is its brands. Sunlight is Unilever’s biggest selling brand, although oth­ers such as Omo, Lux, Lipton, Ola and Knorr are also household names. Unilever operates in nine product categories – laundry, savoury and dressings, skincare and cleansing, margarine, deodorants, household care, tea, hair care and ice cream – and is the market leader in seven of these categories.

The company’s product development and mar­keting expertise are global, while strong local roots enable it to fine-tune these to South African needs. Annually, Unilever invests approximately€891m spent on R&D worldwide. Consumer research also plays a vital role in brand development.


Job Vacancies for Unilever Graduate Programme

Position Requirements How to Apply
Research & Development Bachelors degree in natural/ applied sciences and /or Engineering. We have a preference for BSc (Microbiology, Chemistry etc), BEng, Chemical & Mechanical engineering Degree’s. Apply Online
Human Resources Bachelors degree in any discipline with preference for BCom, BBS, BPsych, BSocSc degrees Apply Online
Finance Minimum degree requirement: BCom Honours with Accounts 3 in your undergraduate degree. You can do the CIMA Program with Unilever. Apply Online
Marketing Bachelors degree with any discipline. We have a preference for BCom, BBS degrees. Apply Online
Customer Development Bachelors Degree in any commercial discipline. We have a preference for BCom, BBS, BSocSc. Apply Online
Supply Chain Bachelors degree in Sciences, Engineering (all except civil) and / or Commerce. We have a preference for BSC, BEng, BCom, BBS, BSC degree’s in any discipline. Apply Online


 Closing date for Unilever Graduate Programme

Closing Date: 17 August 2013

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