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6 Jun, 2012

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Telkom is South Africa’s most powerful information and communication technology solutions provider, with the network that connects all networks across the country.

Staying one step ahead of the market means having a brand that will appeal to a new, up-and-coming mindset while retaining the trust of our loyal customers. Telkom set out to discover what South Africans really want and need and, after a robust analysis of the market, identified the critical success factor: the next level of customer service in the mobile market.

The time had come to challenge many things that have been taken for granted. For instance, tariff structures were complicated and sometimes confusing. What customers actually want are simple, straightforward prices and relevant, interesting products that offer  real value for money and enable them to communicate more.

By looking at what was missing in the marketplace, Telkom found that simplicity, value and authenticity are rare and desirable qualities. These qualities, plus Telkom’s vast experience, technology footprint and modern, ever-present network could shake up the current market by disrupting old mindsets and presenting a brand that champions consumers’ needs.

With a clear view of what the market wanted, Telkom decided that there was no better time to enter the mobile realm.

And so 8ta was born. It is a bold, exuberant and forward-thinking brand that we believe will win the hearts and minds of South Africans. Heita!

Imagine you were a catalyst for change. A change so profound that the way we think, the way we talk and the way we act will never be the same. Imagine you could help two lovers find each other and to speak in hushed tones for just that much longer. Imagine you were the reason that a less fortunate scholar had the opportunity to work on an assignment on the internet – at home. Imagine you could give a grandmother the chance to wish her grandchild a happy birthday from a thousand kilometres away.

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