SAPS 2015 Basic Police Development Learnership Recruitment [Over 600 Positions]

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8 Dec, 2014

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The South African Police Service invites applications from all races and gender for enlistment in the Basic Police Development Learning Programme from young, energetic, intelligent, physically and mentally fit individuals, dedicated to serving their country by pursuing career in policing.

Basic Enlistment Requirements

Young South African men and women who apply to be appointed as a member in terms of the South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act No 68 of 1995) must:

Apply on the form determined by the National Commissioner and affirm under oath or by way of solemn declaration that the particulars furnished in the application, are the truth and correct ♠ Be a South African citizen of which documentary proof must be furnished ♠ Be at least eighteen (18) and under thirty (30) years of age of which documentary proof must be furnished ♠ Be in a possession of a Grade 12 school certificate or National Certificate (Vocational) Safety in Society of which documentary proof must be furnished (2014 Matriculants are welcome to apply and before enlistment proof of successful completion of Grade 12 (Senior Certificate) must be submitted. As an interima arrangement, kindly submit proof of last school report ♠  Submit himself / herself to a physical medical examination as determined  by the National Commissioner and must be found to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in the post for which he / she applies ♠  Undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner and be found to comply with the profile of a police official  ♠  Be proficient in at least two (2) of the official languages, of which one (1) must be English ♠  Be prepared to take the oath of office ♠ Be prepared to undergo such training as determined by the National Commissioner ♠ Not have any tattoo marks of which will be visible when wearing a vest, shirt or shorts and not be irreconcilable with the objectives of the Service ♠  Have no previous criminal convictions, and / or pending criminal, civil, disciplinary cases and such person will allow his or her fingerprints to be taken and allow background checks to be made ♠ Not have been declared unfit to possess a firearm ♠  Be prepared to serve anywhere in the Republic ♠ Preference will be given to applicants who are in possession of at least a light vehicle driver’s licence. Body Mass Index of less than 30 / waist circumference ≤ 102 cm (males) and ≤ 88 cm (females). All applicants will be subjected to fitness, psychometric and medical evaluation and will be interviewed during the recruitment, selection and enlistment process. The SAPS will also verify the criminal record, qualifications, driver’s licence, citizenship and residential address of each applicant.

Applicants will be subjected to a vetting process which will include security screening and fingerprint verification.

Applicants who previously served in a Government Department and who were dismissed as a result of misconduct are excluded.

Applicants will undergo a Final Selection Phase (“Grooming Phase”) at a venue and period as determined by the National Commissioner, to select the successful applicants.

In the view of the physical demands of the Basic Police Development learning Programme, applicants with chronic diseases, physical impairments or any other health condition that may lead to interruptions of the training programme will be excluded from participation in the programme. Such applicants’ failure to disclose the conditions will result in their withdrawal from the programme on the determination thereof. In accordance with the SAPS Dress Order, applicants who have visible tattoos when wearing uniform will be excluded.


Basic Police Development learning Programme

Selected applicants will participate in a Basic Development Learning Programme (hereafter as the Programme) for a period of twenty four 24 months. The programme will consist of three phases:

  • Academy Phase
    ten (10) months training a 3 designated SAPS Academy;
  • Field Police Development Phase
    Twelve (12) months training a designated Field Police Development police station
  • Integrated Assessment Phase
    Two (2) months assessment a designated SAF Academy

During the Academy pe of the Program, the service will provide free training gear, meals and accommodation to the police trainee. During the Field Police Development Phase of the programme, the police trainee responsible for his / her own meals accommodation.

Trainees will also will also receive medical aid benefits for the duration of the Twenty four (24.) month Basic Training Learning Programme. Upon successful completion Basic Training Learning Programme trainees will be considered for permanent appointment a members of the SAPS. Remuneration (on completion of the training period) will be on first notch of Band A (currently R132 840 pa). In addition to this,  appointees will receive the applicable service benefits.

These are distributed as follows:

Dundee (X10)

Dundeex4KZN T1 / 2014
Nquthux6KZN T2 / 2014

Durban Central (X66)

Durban centralx50KZN T3 / 2014
Bereax4KZN T4 / 2014
Durban Northx6KZN T5 / 2014
Pointx6KZN T6 / 2014

Empangeni (X12)

Empangenix6KZN T7 / 2014
Esikhalenix2KZN T8 / 2014
Ntunzinix2KZN T9 / 2014
Ntambanax2KZN T10 / 2014

Eshowe (X16)

Eshowex10KZN T11 / 2014
Ekombex2KZN T12 / 2014
Mbongolwanex2KZN T13 / 2014
Melmothx2KZN T14 / 2014

Greytown (23)

Greytownx7KZN T15 / 2014
Ematimatolox2KZN T16 / 2014
Msingax7KZN T17 / 2014
Mudenx2KZN T18 / 2014
Rietvleix5KZN T19 / 2014

Howick (X4)

Impendlex4KZN T20 / 2014

Inanda (X120)

Inandax48KZN T21 / 2014
Greenwood Parkx17KZN T22 / 2014
Kwa Mashu Ex4KZN T23 / 2014
Ntuzumax37KZN T24 / 2014
Sydehamx14KZN T25 / 2014

Jozini (X8)

Jozinix8KZN T26 / 2014

Kokstad (X29)

Evattx8KZN T27 / 2014
Franklinx2KZN T28 / 2014
Gowan – Leax4KZN T29 / 2014
Hardingx8KZN T30 / 2014
Ibisix2KZN T31 / 2014
Intsikenix2KZN T32 / 2014
Swartbergx3KZN T33 / 2014

Ladysmith (X21)

Besterx2KZN T34 / 2014
Ladysmithx6KZN T35 / 2014
Colensox2KZN T36 / 2014
Elandslaagstex2KZN T37 / 2014
Ematshenix2KZN T38 / 2014
Ezakhenix4KZN T39 / 2014
Upper Tugelax3KZN T40 / 2014

Margate (X7)

Margate(x7)KZN T41 / 2014

Newcastle (X22)

Groenvleix4KZN T42 / 2014
Madadenix10KZN T43 / 2014
Normadienx8KZN T44 / 2014

Phoenix (X16)

Phoenixx10KZN T45 / 2014
Verulamx6KZN T46 / 2014

Pietermaritzburg (X14)

Pietermaritzburgx2KZN T47 / 2014
Daltonx2KZN T48 / 2014
Harburgx2KZN T49 / 2014
Mountain Risex4KZN T50 / 2014
Warburgx4KZN T51 / 2014

Pinetown (X28)

Pinetownx6KZN T52 / 2014
Hammarsdalex4KZN T53 / 2014
Hillcrestx6KZN T54 / 2014
Inchangax4KZN T55 / 2014
Kwadabekax4KZN T56 / 2014
Mpumalanga – KZNx4KZN T57 / 2014

Ulundi (X29)

Babanangox2KZN T58 / 2014
Cezax3KZN T59 / 2014
Ezibayenix2KZN T60 / 2014
Magudux3KZN T61 / 2014
Mahlabathinix3KZN T62 / 2014
Mpungamhlophex6KZN T63 / 2014
Nongomax6KZN T64 / 2014
Pongolax4KZN T65 / 2014

Umlazi (X52)

Umlazix30KZN T66 / 2014
Amazimtotix10KZN T67 / 2014
Bhekithembax2KZN T68 / 2014
Umkomasx10KZN T69 / 2014

Vryheid (X22)

Vryheidx10KZN T70 / 2014
Gluckstadtx4KZN T71 / 2014
Hlobanex2KZN T72 / 2014
Louwsburgx2KZN T73 / 2014
Ngomex4KZN T74 / 2014

Crime Intelligence (X101)

Newcastlex4C1 / 2014
Pietermaritzburgx4C2 / 2014
Vryheidx2C3 / 2014
Estcourtx5C4 / 2014
Plessislaerx5C5 / 2014
Dundeex5C6 / 2014
Margatex5C7 / 2014
Jozinix5C8 / 2014
Howickx5C9 / 2014
Greytownx5C10 / 2014
Port Shepstonex5C11 / 2014
Ladysmithx3C12 / 2014
KwaDukuzax5C13 / 2014
KwaMsanex5C14 / 2014
Empangenix3C15 / 2014
kokstadx5C16 / 2014
Provincial Officex30C17 / 2014

Protection And Security Services (X13)

Durban: Staticx10PSS1 / 2014
Durban: IMC / SPECx3PSS2 / 2014


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