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3 Feb, 2012

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Jobs in Mhluzi

The district is one of eight in the town of Middleburg and it is inhabited by majority of black people. The town where Mhluzi is situated is an industrial and farming town.

Town became to being because of expatr5iates from the western European countries who settled there in the mid 1900s. The stainless steel plant that is situated in the town provides most of the town’s occupants with jobs such as laborers, steel makers and welders. The employment system in the town is built around the stainless steel manufacturing plant as they are other industries that manufacture house hold equipment that started operating because of the plant.

Other peripheral activities that are there because of the plant are coal and transport. Coal mining is the number one employer of occupants of the Mhluzi district; they are miners who mine coal in the area. The transport sector has many people being self employed as owners of taxis and some people drive Lorries and heavy duty trucks for the steel and mining industries. Professionals that are wanted in the mining sector are geologist, surveyors and management to run the mines.

Mhluzi Job Vacancies

The agricultural sector of the district is growing in importance and is almost reaching the employment levels of mining and steel. In the farms there is general labor work, farmers and farm mangers as the owners of some of the farm have moved to neighboring big towns like Johannesburg and Pretoria. Healthy care workers are needed in the area because of the brain drain that takes place as some of the health care professionals move to bigger towns.

The district does not have a lot of employment opportunities especially for people who have big career dreams. The town is located near a wild life national park and thus the tourism industry in the town’s growing and jobs that one can expect are tour guide, waiter, chef and general labor. There are recreational facilities that provide general labor employment. This is a small town that has many of its occupants leaving to pursue their dreams in the big cities. So of the businesses in the town have also relocated and they have gone with the jobs they used to provide the town with. The employment opportunities that one can expect are in the public service that is the police and health care.

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