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1 Feb, 2012

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Job Vacancies in Soweto

Soweto is located in the Gauteng province of South Africa it is an urban area in the city of Johannesburg. Soweto is quite big and it is expected that 655 of Johannesburg’s population lives in Soweto, the population of Soweto is mostly made up of blacks.

Soweto is one of the poorest parts of Johannesburg, although some suburbs in Soweto are poor whilst other are rich, Soweto is generally poor. Despite the being a poor suburb with people who earn low incomes Soweto does have many job opportunities as long as you are not looking for something fancy.

There are many job opportunities in Soweto especially in the public services sector were road builders, builders, bricklayers, and general workers, are needed to build most of the dilapidated infrastructure in the community, as most of the roads are unpaved, there are few drinking taps in the area. There are many job opportunities such as jobs as shop keepers, shop attendants, shop managers, in the many butcheries, shops, and stores in the community.

The biggest form of employment in Soweto is self employment, most people in Soweto run their own street side shops, butcheries, and market stalls were they sell vegetables, milk, sweets, and other fruits, most people in this sector hawk goods, from shop and sell out at higher prices, the informal trade business provides the bulk of the job opportunities available n Soweto and it employs most of the working population in Soweto. You can find a job in one Soweto’s two cinemas.

Another major job opportunity is for taxi drivers, because in 1977 economic restrictions were lifted from Soweto which saw the taxi industry growing tremendously, taxis are the main form of transportation in Soweto and you can find many jobs in this sector. Because of the rampant poverty in the city Soweto has a high crime rate and this presents many job opportunities with the police force that is making efforts to reduce crime to a minimum in Soweto especially since the 2010 world cup is around the corner and South Africa’s crime rate is a major issue of concern.

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